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What are Chakras? How do you use your Chakras?

You might have heard of Chakras as ” Spinning Wheels of Light, Centers of Consciousness, Energy Moving Clusters and Gateways to name a few. 

Chakras are located in our Spiritual Anatomy/Body, starting from our mind patterns and reflecting down the spinal canal to specific regions of our bodies, that govern our mental and emotional states.

This Chakra line The Seals of Samedi was created to help tap back into Akasha aka Core. tapping back into your frequency you came to this planet with before all the stress’s of life.

The key to Chakra work is learning how to use your Chakras as Seals of Transformation. My product line ” The Seals of Samedi” and the Chakra work I do with Readings and my classes; does just that.

My Chakra work Focuses on 3 Dynamics

Chakra Basics

Deals with emotional traumas and thought patterns

Chakra Psychics

Clearing traumas and tapping into your psychic empowerment

Chakra Dimensions

Using your empowerment in different realms & dimensions. Working in your Akasha

The Seals of Samedi


Black woman wearing top hat with snake coiled around her.

Product Contains

100% Organic Essentials Oils  & Herbs

Oracle Card with Bath & Ritual Instructions

Comes in 1oz & 2oz Bottles

  • 1 oz – the color & Scent is lighter
  • 2 oz – The color is darker & the scent will be stronger



Samedi Chakra Oils