Akashic Record Reading

45 Minutes Reading Session

What is Akashic/Akasha? The word means Ether, Non-Physical Substance (Melanin), Core.

Akashic Record Reading is not just a Spiritual Reading it is mainly a Soul Reading.
Connecting back to you, you’re Core, your true self!

If you are curious about…..

You’re Past/Present/Future?
Who or What I was in a Past Life?
How can I claim and control my Present Life?
What is my purpose? Why did I come here?
What do I have to look forward to in the Future
Do I have blockages? How did I become blocked?
DNA – what memories and messages are in my DNA

We will tap into all these things and much more.

This Reading will help you have a Broader understanding of Knowledge of Self!!
If you are wanting Spiritual, Emotional, Mental and Psychic (Soul Healing). This Reading is for you!

I look forward to traveling with you!