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Saudi Arabia
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Khadijah, I just wanted to express my sincere gratitude once again for the powerful Akashic Reading you gave me last night. You definitely gave me a lot of breakthrough information. There were many takeaways but the one thing that stood out the most is that the moves and decisions I am making right now in my life are completely aligned with my past incarnations and the current one. The only problem was that I doubted myself and questioned if I was moving in the right direction on my path. The reading last night gave me clarity and taught me to stop doubting and start knowing. This may be obvious for some but for me, it was the switch that I needed to turn the damn light bulb on. Another thing that stood out to me was the energy and excitement you had. I heard it in your voice and I felt it in your spirit. It is obvious that this is a sincere passion of yours and a great gift you have. Honestly, I was so lifted after the call that I could not go to sleep. And you know I was 8 hours ahead of you so it was around 12 am when we finished and I had to be up for 4. I may have gotten two hours of sleep last night. But I didn’t care because I would sacrifice a whole night worth of sleep to get that kind of information again. I then got to work and listened to the recording and got charged up again. Which means no work got done this morning on the job. So much love to you my sister and keep doing what you are doing because it is definitely working.
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Hey Khadijah i just want to say thank you for such an irregular abnormal super heavy weight AKASHIC reading experience yesterday it 100% transform my entire life. It took a lot of mental turmoil away and gave me great clarity on a soulish level everything was exact enlightening and crazy surprising ive come across many but not one on your level. I would encourage anybody whos serious about investing in themselves to step up and experience your ridiculous power and sincere spirit so i thank you and i will be forever grateful!!!
Moor-enaGood Evening sis Khadijah!
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WOW WOW WOW WOW WOW!! I am at a loss of words right now!! I am on the verge of tears!!! Sis Khadijah I have to tell you that I have had a MANY MANY MANY MAAAANY readings through the years from Babas, Paleros/as, (even psychics in my teen years) and I have to tell you my sister...your reading has BLOWN ME AWAY in a way that I have NEVER seen!!! I am so deeply moved!!! Every bullet point you had brought up (without me asking in advance b/c I wasn't sure what to ask) were the things that I was told by my beautiful blood Family, my spiritual family, or I had already written down to discuss with you. The items that I wrote down were just bullet points, I didn't know how to ask them but you pulled them out and made it CLEAR for me!!! But honestly, it was like you were a spiritual surgeon. You pulled them out and had me reexamine and gave me enriching tools to get to the next level (baths, meditation, etc). I am sitting here in awe! You gave me strength and courage to keep fighting!! Your instruction was gentle and not brash; I can be sensitive at times but you offer nurture yet well deserved assertion to make sure that I realize this is serious and I must take action. All the points you rose in my reading I definitely knew what you were talking about. My spiritual sister that last read me a while back predicted this moment...that I would get a confirmation on my moving from the spirits...then here YOU appear. WOW. You are so precise, consistent! I felt you spiritually and I knew you are pristine with an amazing clear heart! I just can't say thank you my sister...BLESS YOU SO MUCH!!! It's amazing because my spiritual brothers (Jeff and Mario) ranted and raved about you and urged me to read with you...IT WAS CONFIRMATION because I was already planning to sit with you, just didn't know when I could. is all about synchronicity as they say! BLESS YOU SO MUCH I WILL RECOMMEND YOU ALWAYS AND SOME!!! Peace my sister!! Moor-ena PS: Sorry for being so long winded, I'm so in awe! 🙂 🙂
Beautiful Khadijah,
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Thanks so much for the reading. Everything you said was on point, you validated what I've been doing to heal as well as staying on my spiritual journey. I love the skull message(especially the yellow roses) I feel that I can truly make peace with my husband's transition, because that shit took my nerves to a whole other human level. I will definitely love another reading whenever you have your services available. Khadijah's Gateway Reading is a must 4 anyone on their spiritual thistle. She seemed to genuinely connect with my journey and offer some powerful tools for me to utilize appropriately. Her energy, technique and accuracy superseded any other reading I've had prior. I would definitely hook up with her for another reading in the future! Thank you Khadijah! Take care.
Khadijah is a gift.
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Khadijah is a gift. Khadijah knows that we have the keys within us to heal ourselves, but sometimes we can be so engulfed in the pain or lost in our situation that when we start drowning we forget we know how to swim. Khadijah helps you to find your key(s) so you can unlock the doors to give you back your strength, energy, clarity and expand your aura. I was having issues in several areas of my life where I was feeling more lost and confused than I have ever been. To make matters worse, my reaction to what I was going through was affecting my health. I received a reading from Khadijah and she helped me get through some of the toughest battles I was experiencing. So much was revealed in the reading that right when we were finished I knew what I needed to do and how to do it. Most importantly, she had me do more than realize my abilities but actually feel all that is powerful within me. I walked away feeling like all the energies that were suffocating my foundation were released and I could finally breathe again. I could write a book to how she helped guide me to healing and taking action to build my life up. If I start feeling lost again and I'm not feeling the strength within to handle my circumstances, I will only go to Khadijah. I know what she has done for me and what she has done for others. She has true and authentic insight and power. Thanks Khadijah!
Ryan K
"Khadijah is a very gifted Spiritual Guide"
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"Khadijah is a very gifted Spiritual Guide. She is hyper intuitive and sensitive to the spirits. The reading I had with her was profound as she easily tapped into the Spirit world, and was able to offer me guidance and insight that only could be given by someone in touch with the Spirit Realm. She has a unique ability that I've never before experienced. She was literally able to tell me exactly what my intentions for the reading were; not in vague terms, but the entire, multi-layered description of what I had concentrated on. If you are in need of spiritual guidance and insight you simply will not find someone more gifted in this area. It was an amazing and helpful experience."
Taalibah El
she is the real deal!
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Sista Kahdijah's readings are one hundred percent on point ... there were many things she could not have known about me that were addressed in the reading ... gave me many tools to work with. there is more to say but I gotta run ... get one of her readings she is the real deal!
Stacy H
Peace & Love
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The Gateway Reading I received from Khadijah was absolutely wonderful. She has such an intuitive, warm spirit. I felt extremely comfortable and the reading flowed effortlessly. Khadijah confirmed everything I intuitively knew about what was going on in my life; and also shed light on some hidden areas. As for the intentions I set for what I wanted to get from the reading, Khadijah gave me in-depth insight on every one, without me verbally communicating them with her. Furthermore, Khadijah shared various tools and practices with me that would facilitate my process of continued spiritual evolution. The value of this reading is priceless and I am eternally grateful. Peace & Love
Ligia G
Gateway Reading
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Khadijah- where can I begin. I have had a handful of readings in this lifetime and by far you were the only one I felt most comfortable, uplifting, confident and driven to do what I need to do. Not too many people that walk by my path leave such an imprint of such good energy. I am so glad I stumbled into this reading and found you. I already have quite a few people I will be referring who would sincerely appreciate this gateway reading. May you continue to bring light to others that are lost and will find there way. Love and Respect - Ligia NYC
Vaughn A
Spiritual Baths
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Khadijah Samedi 's reading superseded all the psychic readings I have had in the past. I got bits and pieces of information about myself from other psychics such as past life information. Khadijah Samedi really broke down my souls reincarnation cycle and my life path. I know now how my past lives are connected to this one. I had a burning desire to know who or what ancestors were guiding me in this lifetime. Khadijah Samedi was able to help me re-unite with my brothers from a past life that I had made a pact with. I cried later on that night after her reading because I finally got the answers I've desperately been wanting to know. She also gave me great insight on love, health, finances, my aura, and even death. I am totally aware of my purpose here on earth after receiving her guidance and I have enough faith in myself to pursue my dreams. If you are looking to Obtain knowledge of self than Khadijah Samedi is the one you need to get a reading from at a very reasonable price. What she is giving us is priceless. -Later Vaughn
Mustapha Kazeem
You Hit the nail on the head.
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Khadijah, Must say it is one of the most powerful reading I've had, very precise and accurate. What I liked most is that Khadijah isn't afraid to tell you the flat out truth whether you like it or not. didn't know what to expect at first, but was more than satisfied at the end. You Hit the nail on the head. Thanks once again, Mustapha
Michael T
exceptional experience
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My reading with Khadijah was an exceptional experience . She is a gifted channeler but she also will equips the seeker with the necessary tools needed to further their spiritual development. I'm very pleased with my results and now with these affirmations I shall continue my occult work with supreme confidence. Thank You Khadijah
S. Wright
You are a gift. xo~ Warmly, S. Wright
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My gateway reading with the dearest Khadijah was life changing! The session ended with me not only feeling empowered, at peace, but also with a plan as a continue on my spiritual journey. It is a reading that I will need to study deeply as there was so much wonderful information given with such depth and richness. She peels back a layer of "the veil" and you are left with new eyes. Thank you Khadijah! Words can not express my gratitude. You are a gift. xo~ Warmly, S. Wright
Alexandre T
Thank you SOO much!!!
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Thank you SOO much!!! Basically, if you haven't got your reading from Khadijah you're missing out on some powerful info that is straight up for YOU. Everything she said was 1000 on point, some things i had known but wasn't sure about and she backed them up, other things I had never even thought about but once she spoke them everything began to make sense. She literally started droppin facts within the first minute and didnt stop till my spirits told her too haha, and even then she continued answering my questions! DONT miss out on this info for real! 13e Easy
Singleton, Olivia
Gateway Reading
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I've had more than one reading done before, this by far was the most accurate reading and best reading I've gotten, before my gateway reading I had a lot of question marks in my head about what direction to take in my life , now a have a clearer idea and vision about what I need to do now,the gateway reading if you ask me is a must have. Most other readings I've gotten have been on a mundane level , this reading is much deeper.
Michael, K
truely unbelievable.

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Here's my testimony for our session last Sunday, I would like to start off by saying that it was amazing how tuned in you were to my energy. As you spouted off the knowledge about my life and the things going on it without me mentioning a single word about them to you confirmed and solidified your talents and gifts. At one point It had seemed like you were reading my thoughts and could see right through my eyes....truely unbelievable. On top of that most of what you have revealed to me was also told to me by another Magician friend of mines not to long ago. So it confirms that I am indeed on the right path. I can honestly say that I would recommend others to give you and your amazing gifts a try. you are deff one of a kind Khadijah. May your gifts grow stronger over time and good fortune prevail for you - Namaste Sister -Mike
Portia, L
I already feel shift happening. Powerful!!
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u a thousand times. I promise you everything you said was right on the money. You said something that stuck a cord in me. What you told me I already knew but I just didn't trust myself . And it makes total sense how my life has played out up to this point and the people that have entered in to my life at the times they did. Khadijah, you are awesome and I say for anyone that has any doubts, she is the real deal. No fluff just straight to the point. Get a reading ASAP because I already feel shift happening. Powerful!!
Jermel J
Khadijah's gateway reading has opened my eyes
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Khadijah's gateway reading has opened my eyes to my talents and powers of thought, she has connected with me spiritually and revealed certain events unfolding, I now know where to start when it comes to tapping into my power. I also love that Khadijah records the reading and sends it to you instantly after. Nuff love and appreciation from the UK! Jermel J
Angelo B
she is truly gifted cosmic Reader
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I never had a reading so on point as Khadijah predictions, she is truly gifted cosmic Reader. I have had similar reading in the past, but her readings are off the charts. I truly recommend anyone to get a reading from her. PEACE Shadowhawk
Very much so blown away
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Really appreciative of your time and patience, everything. Very much so blown away by finding out about my reincarnations, it has given me an even better insight to the ground that I stand and walk on really, regarding my purpose. The things I love the most is the discussion of trusting your own insight because we all have psychic/prophetic abilities, and to not be fearful of these instincts, as well as the rituals and tools you have given me to further my study of me. Dope, dope, dope stuff to say the least! Peace!
Michael S
Akashic record reading from Khadijah
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If you haven't gotten the Akashic record reading from Khadijah, you are missing a cosmic gateway that will open in your life as a result. My energy completely shifted and I feel more powerful than I did previously to the reading, especially after hearing it again and again. Everything Khadijah stated about me I felt and knew it to be true. Even during the reading if she says something you don't see how, when she sends you the MP3 of the reading re-listen to it. You will see how it will connect as I did after replaying it. She speaks straight empowerment and ownership of your spiritual power. When you state your intent internally, she will read EXACTLY what you told yourself you wanted and give it to you raw. POWERFUL AND THE TRUTH!
"C.T. P."
Akashic reading done
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I had an Akashic reading done and I must say I was very, very, very, pleased. One of the first things that she brought up was something that I've never shared with anyone. And to be honest after she told me what one of my past lives were then I finally understood why I had an attraction towards that topic. The best reading of any kind I've had. It felt REAL. Khadijah's energy is something I sensed as real and genuine and really those words don't even scratch the surface. As the reading went on other things came up that once again I've kept to myself but she was able to tap in to that energy. If you are in search of improving yourself spiritually and need a good push to get started on the work you have ahead of you, Khadijah is where you want to start. This woman is on point!!!
Donald H
very insightful and clarifying
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Khadijah, Your reading was very insightful and clarifying. The fact that you did most of the talking, from start to finish, eliminates any thoughts that there was any "fishing" for information....or cold reading. Your confidence in your purpose and abilities...helped me restore confidence in my own. I appreciate your getting straight to the point, telling me what I needed to know and hear... and not what I want to hear. You're very approachable and down to earth.... You talked TO me and WITH me..not AT me or over my head...At times it sounded like me, talking to me. Everything you said was very clear for me to understand. Over all, I had a very pleasantly re-calibrating, centering and elevating experience. Thank you for sharing your gifts. I'll diffidently be taking advantage of some of the other services you all offer and sending other there as well. Peace and many Blessed manifestations to You and the Fam
Derek F
benefit tremendously from what you share!
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I can't thank you enough for our reading this past Sunday. I was looking forward to it for weeks and it was more valuable to me than I expected! Your honesty and warmth is an amazing gift and I thank you for sharing it with me. You gave me deep insight about my life and uncovered things that I didn't know about my past life, current circumstances, and future business opportunities. Because of this, I have more clarity about my purpose, strengths, and spiritual path. It was so dope that I wanted to order another session on the spot! But I realize that I have to do the work of connecting with the spirit world and claiming my divine birthright and you can't do everything for me - unfortunately 😉 If anyone reads this and is on the fence about getting a reading, they need to get down and invest in your service! As long as they are open-minded and honest, I have no doubt they will benefit tremendously from what you share! Derek F
Cephus J
Akashic Reading by sister Khadijah
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I had a Akashic Reading by sister Khadijah and all I can say is "I am Free", she told me something's that help me to over stand who I was and who I am , let's just say life as I thought I new it will never be the same . Khadijah is the Truth and then some. Let me finish by saying people get this reading your life as you think you know it will change for the better of you . Thanks Khadijah for everything.
Cephus J
Farold M
thanks to Khadijah for a wonderful experience.
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I would like to first say thanks to Khadijah for a wonderful experience. You have done more for me than you could imagine. Khadijah definitely will make you at feel at ease with the entire process. Ive had readings from others, but I can honestly say that this reading was by far the best and most enjoyable. I received the Akashic reading, she broke down, confirmed, and explained things with such passion that it seemed as if she was more excited about my life than I was lol. Do yourself a a favor and sign up now, you wont regret it.
Hannah B
Thanks Panic
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Thanks Panic, its been a minute. Anne actually gave me the heads up to get the reading with Kadijah. She said it trumps all readings we ever had. I'm really excited about it.
Gary J
Her vibes are simply amazing
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Oh boy, I really don't even know where to begin. At first I was pretty anxious to get my reading a few weeks ahead of time. When it actually was time to get my reading I became more nervous than anything. I felt completely lost up until the time I spoke with Khadija, and let me tell you she helped me find insight on my path. Her vibes are simply amazing, she projects nothing but positive, loving, and caring, energy. Every time she spoke in my reading I could just feel the tension and stagnant energy leave my body. Khadija confirmed some things I came to conclusion about recently but she also told me a lot of things I did not know. The information that was given to me put my spirit at ease and rest because I now know what work I need to do so I can my way. I am now aware of the spirits and energies around me so I can now start tapping in. This reading is a MUST if you are utterly lost and confused about your next move on your path. I will definitely be getting another reading in due time. You are getting a lot more information that's beyond $60, so don't be cheap!
Wes O
a spiritual reading is DEFINATELY what yall folks should be considering from Khadijah!
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Thank you Khadijah!!! The reading first and foremost gave me clarity of why I am the way I am in this incarnation, and what it is I've come to this Earth to do! Finally I can move forward with this magic, and with my life!!!!! I strongly recommend a reading if you feel confused, hindered, stuck, or just plain ol' troubled with life! If you identify with any of these feelings, then a spiritual reading is DEFINATELY what yall folks should be considering from Khadijah!
Nelson C
Your readings are extremely beneficial
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Hey Khadijah, I meant to send this a while ago but your Akashic Reading was amazing. You helped me learn to trust my thoughts and journey. You told me things about myself that few people know and informed me on things that didn't make sense at the time but later manifested a month down the line. Your readings are extremely beneficial to anyone on their spiritual path.
Michael R
That shit was FREAKIN AMAZING!!!
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Hey sis!! All is well Mrs. Samedi, I know all is well on your end too 🙂 You are very welcome sis, its the truth. That shit was FREAKIN AMAZING!!! I really was thinking what happened was gonna happen dowwwwwwwn the road lol! Thanks so much again for sharing your gift. The wife will put up her testimony too, I keep reminding her. Cheers,Mike
Anne B
My Akashic Records Testimony:
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My Akashic Records Testimony: The best thing I did for myself in 2015 was get an Akashic records reading from Khadijah Samedi. A lot came up in the reading about what I came down to the planet to do. Shit that I knew I wanted to do at 16. Mind you I didn’t even tell her anything about myself and she was bringing this stuff up. She gave me techniques to help me get rid of emotions that I carried that weren’t even mines and 3 months later I’ve released all these emotions and I started operating from my heart chakra. She gave me a few rituals to do to take my channeling abilities to the next level, to help me invoke the life I want and banish people that no longer serve me. She confirmed the a few past lives that I had with some friends. She told me about one of my past lives in the reading and since then I’ve tapped into that life and another one at will. She let me know that I dealt with the faeries in a past life and gave me work to deal with them now. Listening to my reading helped me to realize that I have the gifts of intuition and higher spiritual guidance but that I wasn’t trusting it. I have worked diligently to connect with my spirit guides, faeries, ancestors, and to listen to my intuition and so far it has not lead my astray. I recommend this reading to anyone who is ready to take their spiritual plight to the next level. This reading has empowered me to get into my work and it has changed my life mind you it’s only been 3 months since I got it. Imagine how off the chain my life’s gonna be in 5 years. As Panic always say’s don’t walk run to occult lectures and get you an Akashic records reading.
Hi Khadijah!
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Hi Khadijah! Thank you so much!I wanted to tell you thanks again for SPECTACULAR reading. It has changed my life. Everything is going smoothly.I thought I would come down from the high, but it has been near two weeks and I am higher than ever. Is that normal? LOL!! Thanks so much and keep up the GREAT work!You are divine 😉
Thank you for my Akasha reading
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Thank you for my Akasha reading. This is a late testimonial, but I felt that I needed to express appreciation for the intuitive guidance you gave me. Some of the things you told me I did not understand till months later and now things are lining up. I encourage everyone to get an Akasha reading to get your mind started in the right direction. Sister Khadijah your reading was on point and I value it. Thanks again
A Parker.
I just wanted to testify!
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I just wanted to testify! I really enjoyed listening to you as you uncovered and answered all my questions about my souls journey. For the longest, I've always known I've been here before. Now, I know I have! If you've always wanted to know where you've been and why you're here, I STRONGLY advise you to GET A READING FROM HERE ASAP! Thank You! P.S I will be back !😀
Menoush I
I am very pleased with the reading.
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Dear Khadijah, I am very pleased with the reading. Some noticeable things in my life seem to get a meaning now.
Both the Psychometry and the love/relational energie fit in with aspects that I never realised to have a higher meaning.
For example 60% of my stuff is second hand. The last year I been feeling frustrated about it because I feld the energy in my house is not mine. Before I put a stop to it, all people in my life gave me second hand stuf. This took proportions that I do not have to buy anything self (if I'd like). On a yearly basis I would trow so much stuf away that I never bought my self. And still if one person stops an other starts to buy thing for me and my son. So now I guess this is a sign in my life for the relationship I have with second hand stuf. I can finnaly understand this and streamline it so it works for me instead of fludding me.
For the love part; relationships and giving love is my biggest fear. Most of my worries come from this subject. All of my trauma's are based on this aspect of life. I do understand now that I should investigate this and get a greater understanding of relations and what love is instead of blocking it out. Maby it won't even be so hard. 🙂
I'm so thankfull for this insight. And I'm so looking forward to the rest of my life!

Peace and Blessings for you,
Kimberly F
I received an Akashic reading from Khadijah
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I received an Akashic reading from Khadijah. It was absolutely amazing. I feel as though she opened a door spiritually that has been closed most of my current life. This reading was spot on. Even her explanations of what she felt were very personal to me. They were things that have happened to me, I have experienced already, or I can easily relate to. I have had readings in the past from other people. This reading was nothing like those. I easily followed where she was going. It was as if Khadijah opened my life’s book (past, present, and future) and just started to read it to me. Also, I believe this reading was much easier and enjoyable for both of us because I had taken Bro Panic’s class prior to my reading. She didn’t have to explain basic occult information because I had already learned it from the class. My suggestion for anyone that wants an Akashic reading first know have basic occult knowledge and/or take Bro Panic’s class. You’ll be happy that you did
Mario P
Phenomenal is just one of the words
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Phenomenal is just one of the words that comes to MIND when describing the AKASHIC READING that I received from MRS.KHADIJAH!The dual aspect of 2 of my pass LIVES that coincide with my now Journey.2 KNOW in one of my pass LIVES that I was a SHAMAN/ a HEALER/a TEACHER WOW A M A Z I N G! KHADIJAH U are the TRUTH, the very TRUTH!THANK U 4EVERTHING & by the way I ordered the BOJI STONE��
Tiffanni Messenger
thanks and gratitude to Khadijah for my Akashic Record reading.
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Words can't begin to express my thanks and gratitude to Khadijah for my Akashic Record reading. Absolutely every word was on point and beyond accurate that I was completely blown away. Khadijah is the REAL DEAL!!! She gives it to you straight with love and compassion. I'd urge those who are on the fence to book a reading with Khadijah ASAP! Its been a little less than a month since my reading, and since then my life has completely changed. I love the fact that Khadijah gives us home work and that's where the real work begins and the profound transformations take place. I could go on and on, but I'm sure you get the picture. Peace & blessings Tiffanni