Akashic Records By The Way Of Occult

This is my Sequence #2 Class

"Akashic Records By The Way Of Occult" was created for those interested in Soul Transformation. You do not have to be a Reader to take this class. This class is for all those that want to heal on a Soul Level.

Where are the Records?

Why is Akasha Important?

Descriptions of What we will reveal and rediscover in this Akasha Class...

  • How to access your Akashic Records through Rituals.
  • Tap into Past Life Regressions.
  • Understand Soul Retrieval.
  • Soulmates and Soul Tribes.
  • Getting back to your Ancient Mind through your Akasha/Subconscious.
  • How the Conscious, Subconscious and Superconsciouness works with Akasha.
  • Understanding programming that can block you from tapping into your Akasha.
  • Chakras; how to prepare and use them to tap into your Akasha.
  • Chakra Past Life Patterns .
  • Chakra Spinning.
  • Discover your Purpose through your Master Chakra .
  • How to use your Consciousness to enter into Dimensions/Etheric Realms.
  • Torus Field aka Heart Field. 
  • Top 11 Fears that block your Akasha.
  • The true meaning of Karma.
  • Archetypes/Purpose.

"Why have someone Read for you when you can take numerous journeys on your own and enter into another dynamic of knowledge. The Infinite Knowledge Of Self!"

By Khadijah Samedi


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