GATEWAY PACKAGE – Ritual Oil 2oz.

“Sold only at live events” 

GATEWAY PACKAGE – Root, Sacral, Solar, Heart (Bridge)




Allow these 4 seals to help you transform, find Knowledge of Self. As I always say “Let these Seals become gateways and not storage spaces.” Work in the Matrix with constant prosperity, as you make your way to the heavenly Bridge to have access to the Heavenly Realms.


Chakra Basics – these 4 seals are a beautiful sequence to getting past earthly problems and transcending to love, greater learning and freeing yourself from obstacles.


Chakra Psychics – Gods Intelligence and true transformation. You are operating in a higher frequency. Transforming to who you came to be (Akasha)


Chakra Dimensions – Manipulating all Gateways voluntarily.


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