My Sequence #1 Occult Class

I work in 3 Phases…

Chakra Basics

Chakra Psychics

Chakra Dimensions

This class is for the well-seasoned, the advanced, intermediate and for beginners in Chakra work.

The following are descriptions of what we will cover in this class...

Chakra Basics

What to expect…

Phase 1 the Human Reality

We will work with the lower self, the ego self. Deal with traumatic experiences that hinder any development in Life.

We work in the 3rd and lower 4th Dimensions

In this chakra phase we deal with the problems of humanity first; that live in the Chakras known as traumas!

Facing the inner child (the root problems) that have caused physical, mental and emotional challenges in life.

Facing the challenges that are experienced in our adolescents and adult years that cause rigid and toxic behaviors

  • Environment
  • Parents
  • Family
  • Lovers
  • Religions, traditions and cultures
  • Programming

You will deal with the traumas that are stuck and/or stagnant in the physical body & spiritual body caused by…

  • Rejection
  • Abandonment
  • Shame
  • Guilt
  • Envy
  • Ego
  • Depression
  • Fear
  • Anxiety
  • Denial
  • Enslavement

The emotions/consciousness listed, are just the regular few we encounter. Our findings are different depending on each class, due to each individual person’s experiences.

Getting to know you. Who are you?…

Knowledge of self! The more you heal you begin to understand you.

You visit this planet, planet earth; a very emotional planet. You come here to learn and experience self. To know who you are.

As you dive deeper into the healing process, you become more empowered.

As you build a stronger foundation, strengthen self. You can handle, resolve and conquer life’s challenges, that can get in the way of spiritual progress.

As the healings take place, you shift more into your Spirituality. We start to work beyond the 3rd Dimension and merge into 2nd phase Chakra Psychics!

The Key…

Not to let the ego and fears keep you out of your true healing, as you shift more into your spiritual awakenings and understandings!


  • Introduction to Akasha
  • Each time we enter into a new physical body, we bring our records (we carry our chakra system in every reincarnation)
  • Understanding what is Akashic Records and why the Records are so important
  • Learn how to activate areas of the body to tap into your own Akasha
  • Body Time Directions

Look for my Akasha Magic Class. Sequence #2 Akasha By The Way Of Occult" This class is for Soul Transformation and Soul Retrieval"

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Chakra Psychics

What to expect…

Phase 2 Spiritual Reality

Lots of healing takes place in Chakra Basics. As you shift out of Chakra Basics, the human experience. You start to shift more into Chakra Psychics, the Spiritual experience. Go beyond the 3rd and 4th Dimensions and shift into higher and more expansive higher Dimensions.

As spiritual growth is obtained, you will begin to know how to use your psychic empowerments, your psychic tools, your Magic.

Build the courage to deal with destructive forces that live within and around the spiritual bodies.

You learn how to move unwanted energies that do not belong to you

Reverse destructive energy to constructive energy

You learn how to connect and seal your energies

Change a combative energy to a harmonizing energy

Connect to your Etheric Body

Healing and connecting to the Claire’s, know how to use them…

  • Clairvoyant
  • Clairaudience
  • Clairsetience
  • Clairtangency
  • Clairgustance
  • Clairofaction/Clairalience
  • Clairempathy

Claire’s means clearing. The more stagnant and blocked energies you clear, the more you heal. Healing brings empowerment. With this practice you will tap into your magic and your psychic abilities…

  • Channeling
  • Precognition
  • Dream Intuition
  • High Intuition
  • Healer of Transformations
  • Pyrokenisis
  • Telepathy
  • And many more…

The Key…

Understand your fears, your demons and have the courage to face them! Have a healthy ego!

Spiritual Body

  • How to connect with Spirits, Entities and Ancestors
  • Take back control over your spirit
  • Know your Magical Body Parts
  • Connecting to your Auric Fields and how to use your fields to connect with spirits
  • How to use your field for manifestations and liberations
  • Understanding your Spiritual Anatomy/Body and how it works
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Chakra Dimensions

What to expect…

Phase 3 The Soul Reality

As the healings progress and you are learning how to connect to your energy bodies/spirit bodies. You continue to shift. Shifting more into your Soul Self. We start to work with all Dimensions, other worlds, other lifetimes!

We get into the introduction of soul work, preparing for the next occult class. Akashic Magic Class.

Lots of spiritual growth and expansion took place working in Chakra Psychics. We will shift out of Chakra Psychics the spiritual experience into Chakra Dimensions the Soul Reality.


You gain a deeper and broader understanding of who you truly are

You are in intense healing from the first 2 phases, Chakra Basics and Chakra Psychics

The heart is healing, opening and transforming, the mind and the 3rd eye continues to open and expand

You are healing simultaneously, across lifetimes, across worlds and beyond time

We connect and remember our Soul Journeys

We retrieve the many aspects of self, known as Soul Retrieval

The Key…

Not to be afraid of your Soul Mind, your subconscious!

How do we achieve this great healing and accomplish these changes?…

Teaching the 3 stages of Chakra Work


Stages of Guided Meditation and Hypnotic Trance

I created a guided meditation called Chakra Spinning. Chakra Spinning is not new. People have been practicing it for years. However, my approach to Chakra Spinning meditation differs from the usual Chakra Spinning that has been used in the past. I created this Trance Meditation for the Chakras, the spiritual bodies to cater to the needs of mature and ancient spirits.

I use Hypnosis…

To find answers deep within your subconscious mind aka Akashic Records

to help get out of the conscious mind and enter into a trance state that allows you to shift into your subconscious mind.

to help aid in relaxation which in turn helps to aid in deep healing.

discover more information about self, which brings more knowledge about your true self

You learn from the Guided Meditations…

How to read and connect to your light bodies

Learn how to work with your light internally without external assistance

Understand how your spirits, your light speaks to you

Raise your spiritual confidence and trust your spirit and rid your doubts

Build your courage to face past traumatic experiences

Hear the exciting experiences from others in the class, which helps you learn and grow more spirituality and become more enlightened

And much more…

Knowing the Difference...

I created these occult classes to further educate those curious in deepening their consciousness and to be able to answer some of the questions I get asked, as well as to elaborate on the various channels, impressions or situations that may come through, during these Readings.

Here is a brief explanation for those who may or may not know the differences between A Cult and Occult which have two entirely different meanings.

A Cult

A group of Exclusive people and/or secretive people, that come together with a particular strong belief. With exaggerated zeal, that can hurt others and/or themselves.  


The Unknown, Hidden Knowledge or Hidden View. No longer secretive or hidden knowledge. Learning and becoming the true source of Knowledge. To Bring to light!