Classes are held every 2nd or 3rd week of each month

Akashic Records

  • Each time we enter into a new body, we bring our records (we carry our chakra system in every reincarnation)
  • We leave the physical body behind and take our spiritual body (our chakra centers) with us.
  • Learn ho to activate areas of the body to tap into your own Akasha.



  • Remember how to use one of the most ancient tools
  • Understand the different types of dream realms
  • Dream Analysis

Spiritual Anatomy

  • How to see and use your Spiritual Anatomy
  • Connecting to your Auric Fields and ho to use your field to connect with spirits
  • Take back control over your spirit.How t use your field for manifestations and liberations


  • Understanding how to activate and how to se the regions of your body to link to Higher Worlds.
  • Clearing and ridding emotional toxins that weight heavy in the Spiritual body.
  • The lighter the Spiritual body the easier the connection to the Spiritual Realms.


  • Understand the types of Hexes
  • How to connect and reverse it to its original owner.

Knowing the Difference...

I created these occult classes to further educate those curious in deepening their consciousness and to be able to answer some of the questions I get asked, as well as to elaborate on the various channels, impressions or situations that may come through, during these Readings.

Here is a brief explanation for those who may or may not know the differences between A Cult and Occult which have two entirely different meanings.

A Cult

A group of Exclusive people and/or secretive people, that come together with a particular strong belief. With exaggerated zeal, that can hurt others and/or themselves.  


The Unknown, Hidden Knowledge or Hidden View. No longer secretive or hidden knowledge. Learning and becoming the true source of Knowledge. To Bring to light!

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