The Chakra Trials - Rituals & Spells

VOL1 DNA Sequencing & Reprogramming

By Khadijah Samedi


We carry our Chakra System through every single lifetime. Each time we reincarnate, we leave the physical body behind and take our spiritual body (our chakra centers) with us. Every thought, every action you have ever had is located in your Chakra System also called “Melanin Clusters”.


These experiences affect the mind, the psyche and of course our emotions.  All this information tells us, we must pay great attention to our Chakra System, there’s much work to be done. I took a lot of time and effort to put together VOL. 1 of my first Chakra Book, and now I am proud to offer this great work to you.


The Chakra Trials; Rituals & Spells (Vol. 1 DNA Sequencing and DNA Reprogramming) you will find.

  • Detailed guided meditations: The Stages of Mediation will relax, open and activate each Chakra
  • Anubis will be your guide: You will be guided through the Underworld (aka your Inner world) for all 7 Chakras
  • DNA Sequencing and reprogramming: Awareness for every region of the body. Recall, remember and return to the ancient ways of thought
  • DNA Releasing: Release your fear based emotions. Leads you back to understanding your Akasha, your purpose
  • Rituals/Spells for each Chakra: Stimulating the Feminine and Masculine hemispheres of the brain. Realizing your emotions that are based in Love

I created this workbook with my spirit guides and with the help of my cousin Lluvi Sakkara(Designer). You will find in this book, amazing and original art designs. For each Chakra, there is major work. In this book I offer great detail on how to get that job done Get your copy today Family!!




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I am launching a new Spiritual Line called, "Greater Seven Seals". I have created a line that deals with the layers of the Auric field. These are Aura Creams. These Aura Creams I developed for a few reasons.


Spiritual Baths - for those that do not like sitting in tubs but, want to discover and Experience the healing effects of cleansing, clearing, creating, uncrossing, strengthening, enhancing and manipulating ones Aura aka Magnetic Fields.


Creams and Butters - Usual Creams and Butters, focus on the skin, hair and scalp.

Greater Seven Seals. These Blends focus on the Aura Field. They are created to assist in ones Growth and Healing. Depending on the blend, that is needed. There will be instructions, a ritual. A nightly ritual On how to apply these creams.


Greater Seven Seals. More information and the launching of the Spiritual Line Coming Soon!




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